Credits Contributions

Credits Contributions

Credits Contributions acknowledgement.

We would like thank the following companies and individuals for their contribution to the relevant research studies, and to give credit for support of this website in respect of continued development and site maintenance :-

Sponsors, Contributors and Advertisers :

Acknowledgments :

We acknowledge : for a wealth of knowledge research studies image and text contribution.

Some of the images on this site are provided by : Dreams Time. Normally you will see a link adjacent images crediting the provider with any work :

Image by : DreamsTime

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Image :

Some text, content and image work courtesy of : Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free on-line encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Over 5,044,440 articles in English

Copyright :





UK  do not claim to be the owner or have exclusive rights on any Images.
The sources of all images, videos, content, articles, text and or data published we use to create articles and pages will normally be credited with a proper : Link-Back to the site source, which may not be the original source.
However, we do post uncredited material from unknown authors and sources.
If you are the owner or have copyright to any such material, please contact us to claim ownership and we will either credit you with a Link-Back to your website, or if you wish, we will Remove the Content. Please read more at : Terms Copyright.



Credits Contributions


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