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Just How big is Google ?

It is difficult to imagine. but try to estimate every page of a web site and all the text articles and blogs, every picture, video and every page of every website in the world. Google has a copy of them all. Every time a new article is written, picture uploaded or post posted, Google will know and can keep a copy together with all the old dates, It’s difficult if not Impossible for mere humans like us to picture, but Google can.
If that didn’t give you a clear idea of just how gigantic the Google empire is, here below is a list of some top ranked websites that belong to Google when we last looked 2015 :- image: DreamsTime

Google YouTube, Blogger, Google India, Google Hong Kong, Google Germany, Google UK, Google Japan, Google France, Google Brazil, Google Italy, Google Spain, Google Russia, Google Canada, Google Indonesia, Google Mexico, Google Turkey, Google Australia,


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