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Amazon or eBay

Amazon or eBay

Amazon or eBay, yes the age old question, the Mighty Amazon or eBay auctions, let’s see if we can explain some of the reasons why one will make you happier trading on-line and the other will not make you feel quite so happy.

Amazon was founded as “Cadabra” by Jeff Bezos on the 5th of July 1994 but not incorporated as until 1995 in Seattle, in the state of Washington US.

Jeff Bezos boss of Amazon, UK or eBayThe company was founded in 1994, by Jeff Bezos during the Internet business boom time in 1994.
Bezos left his employment as vice-president of D. E. Shaw & Co., a Wall Street firm, and moved to Seattle.
He began to work on a business plan that would eventually become the multibillion dollar business
Jeff Bezos incorporated the company as “Cadabra” on July 5, 1994. but then after a lawyer misheard its original name as “cadaver”, Bezos changed the name to Amazon, the company went online as in 1995.

eBay Inc, was founded by Pierre Omidyar the following year on the 3rd of September 1995, and quickly became a notable dot-com success story.

San Jose Boss of eBay UK or eBayebay inc is now – 2015 a multibilliondollar business with headquarters in San Jose California, with operations in over thirty countries.
eBay is operated from several cities and exists entirely on the internet, no stores or shops, it is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company providing business to consumer, and consumer to consumer sales services OnLine.
eBay Inc also has it’s own payment system and subsidiary called PayPal used by sellers and buyers alike to collect payments or to buy items.

Amazon Inc and eBay Inc are both American multinational e-commerce corporations, providing consumer to consumer & business to consumer sales and services via the Internet, but with fundamental differences at grassroots level.

At first glance, Amazon or eBay seem to be of general mutual benefit, for eCommerce store owners who can sell products to the individuals, and individuals can sell product to others online.
On closer inspection, the mutual benefits still remain in place, but the working reality is far more complex than at first sight.
Success depends on a lot of variables, marketplace strategy, fees and restrictions, types of product for sale, category competition and so on, that all need balanced consideration, ignoring any of these fundamentals may lead to boom for some and bust for others.

Both Amazon or eBay are of course detrimental to any business with a plan for building a brand.
Amazon and eBay are only interested in building their brand, neither have any interest in helping you build yours, regardless of what they say. At any moment Amazon or eBay could decide to make a terms or operational change that could render your business obsolete, you may be out of business the next day. Investing in a business based upon the whims of a third party that has no interest in your success is a recipe for disaster.

More on this topic to follow soon.

eBay Gallery
Amazon Gallery

Amazon or eBay

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Amazon Gallery

Amazon Gallery

Most are familiar with the name Amazon, but what exactly is this amazon gallery, store or shop?
is very similar to ebay, both are very successful at running an internet based business, and just like ebay there is no physical amazon store or shop as such that you can visit.
Amazon differ in one very important way, amazon have a number of warehouses, a very very large number of warehouses they call fulfillment centers.
The fulfillment centers
are full of products listed for sale on : ready to ship out when an on-line sale is made, and that is the major difference between these two on-line giants.

Amazon Gallery - amazon warehouse

When you buy some thing from amazon, amazon already have the product in one of their numerous amazon fulfillment center warehouses, unlike ebay where when you buy some thing, you are for the most part left at the mercy of an all to often – pedantic third party seller.
Link this to the sometimes equally difficult buyer exploiting ebay’s terms weapon, and you can end up with a difficult trade.
Amazon will not publish comprehensive information about their fulfillment centers, but at the end of 2015 we know amazon had : – 96 (ninety-six) warehouses spread across 14 (fourteen) states in the USA alone, – 4 (four) warehouses  in India, 1 (one) in Italy, – 9 (nine) in Germany, – 3 (three) in France, – 12 (twelve) in China, – 6 (six) in Japan, – 2 (two) in Canada and 8 (eight) in the United Kingdom.
Amazon having recently announced they intend to expand their distribution network in all of these countries, they continue to expand at a pace.

We have a small amazon gallery window below.
Click on any of the products of interest and link directly to Amazon.

eBay Gallery


Amazon Gallery

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eBay Gallery

ebay Gallery 

An eBay Gallery, shop or store you can physically touch, is not something that ebay actually has, contrary to common belief.

eBay Gallery logo UK (Image from quickcontactnumber)
Image by : DreamsTime

You may be familiar with the name ebay, seen it on the news and heard people talking about it, but what is this ebay shop, store and gallery thing anyway?
Some will be very surprised to hear ebay is simply a web-site, there is no physical eBay gallery, store or shop, eBay is just a very very large and incredibly successful web-site :

For all you ebay devotees you can go straight to the : ebay home page

eBay inc. The website is free for buyers to use, however, sellers are charged fees not only for listing items but again when an item sells.
The company also takes additional fees through it’s PayPal subsidiary which can be used by sellers and buyers alike to collect payments or to buy items.

ebay is a remarkable place to buy and sell, one can get almost anything you want or need at prices better than you can find in most traditional on-line stores, there are lots of deals on eBay, a place where canny consumers can always find little gems and come out ahead, and it is of course very sociable because of the close interaction between buyers and sellers.

Some complain saying this very buyer seller interaction for the most part, is just annoying forced mutual compliments in the form of ebay’s feed-back system, and often feedback are only left merely to keep ebay happy, because if you don’t leave feed-back ebay will penalize your account.

We have a small ebay gallery window below. Click on a product of interest and link directly to ebay.


More on this topic to follow soon.
Amazon Gallery

ebay Gallery