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ebay Gallery 

An eBay Gallery, shop or store you can physically touch, is not something that ebay actually has, contrary to common belief.

eBay Gallery logo UK (Image from quickcontactnumber)
Image by : DreamsTime

You may be familiar with the name ebay, seen it on the news and heard people talking about it, but what is this ebay shop, store and gallery thing anyway?
Some will be very surprised to hear ebay is simply a web-site, there is no physical eBay gallery, store or shop, eBay is just a very very large and incredibly successful web-site :

For all you ebay devotees you can go straight to the : ebay home page

eBay inc. The website is free for buyers to use, however, sellers are charged fees not only for listing items but again when an item sells.
The company also takes additional fees through it’s PayPal subsidiary which can be used by sellers and buyers alike to collect payments or to buy items.

ebay is a remarkable place to buy and sell, one can get almost anything you want or need at prices better than you can find in most traditional on-line stores, there are lots of deals on eBay, a place where canny consumers can always find little gems and come out ahead, and it is of course very sociable because of the close interaction between buyers and sellers.

Some complain saying this very buyer seller interaction for the most part, is just annoying forced mutual compliments in the form of ebay’s feed-back system, and often feedback are only left merely to keep ebay happy, because if you don’t leave feed-back ebay will penalize your account.

We have a small ebay gallery window below. Click on a product of interest and link directly to ebay.


More on this topic to follow soon.
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ebay Gallery 

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