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What are Web Browsers

What are Web Browsers

What are Web Browsers is a good question that some are still not clear on the answer.
Web browsers are computer programs, each act as a door to the internet (WWW).
World Wide Web. Browsers are all slightly different.
Basically all browser programs allow access to view and interact with www or internet based websites.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee inventor World Wide Web UK
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Sir Tim Berners-Lee  an English computer scientist, is best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.
He made a proposal for an information management system in March 1989.
Berners-Lee is the director and founder of the World Wide Web, which oversees continued development. His was the very first browser called WorldWideWeb, later renamed Nexus.

What are Web Browsers UK Marc Andreessen, invented Netscape,
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 Marc Andreessen invented Netscape, the first commonly available web browser with a graphical user interface was Erwise.
The development of Erwise was initiated by Robert Cailliau.
In 1993, browser software was further innovated by Marc Andreessen with the release of Mosaic, this made the WWW system easy to use and more accessible to the average person.
Andreessen’s browser started an internet boom in the 1990’s, his introduction of Mosaic in  1993 : one of the first graphical web browsers led to an explosion in web use.
Andreessen, the leader of the Mosaic team at National Center for Supercomputing Applications, soon started his own company named Netscape, and released the Mosaic-influenced Netscape Navigator in 1994, which quickly became the world’s most popular browser.
Microsoft responded with it’s Internet Explorer in 1995, also heavily influenced by Mosaic, sold with the PC-Windows. Internet Explorer gained dominance in the web browser market and usage by 2002 peaked at over 95%.

What are web Browsers